Fan Stitches Together Star Wars Saga Into a Single Trailer

22 Aug , 2016  

Some of the most original and inspirational homages have sprung from the wellspring of fandom.  And this fan-made trailer for the complete Star Wars saga is no exception.

Set to the now-iconic music from the third Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, the trailer nicely interweaves emotional, pivotal, and dynamic imagery from all seven films from the saga.

Check it out…

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When he was a child, Terry Smith's mother bought him a toy castle, a mountain of Legos, and a book about wizards. His father dragged him to movies like Star Wars, Excalibur, and Tron. In the face of such blatant indoctrination, he never stood a chance. Since those days, he has traveled the world (mostly via the internet) in search of a broader understanding of geek culture, in hopes that such an understanding will result in an unprecedented worldwide unity.

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