DC Comics, Review

Green Arrow: Rebirth #1

12 Jun , 2016  


Not everything’s going well for Oliver Queen. Sure, he’s got his billions.  And he’s back in Seattle.  But his highly conservative date at a fine dining establishment has just walked out on him, coldly muttering, “Fascist pig” under her breath.  And he has a terrible beard. Even in the face of those first-world problems, he’s […]

DC Comics, Review

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

11 Jun , 2016  


Of the Rebirth one-shots to be released by DC thus far, Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 is arguably the most succinct. The entire issue focuses upon Wonder Woman’s notion that something is wrong.  She has conflicting memories.  Two origins, one laid atop another, entertained to such an extent that she has no real understanding of which history […]

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This Ain’t Your Daddy’s “Preacher.” And Yet…

10 Jun , 2016  


The entire staff of OGW is made up of massive fans of Ennis and Dillon’s existentialist epic, “Preacher.” The announcement trailer for the AMC show based on the graphic novel rendered half of the staff incapable of properly performing their duties. Anticipation was high, as were hopes.

DC Comics, Review

Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1

7 Jun , 2016  


Opening the functional cover of this book reveals a splash page of a multi-hued cosmos overlaid with some lengthy narration.  The narrative is bound in boxes trimmed in an angry red, which will look familiar to GL fans, particularly those who walked with the rest of us through Blackest Night and Brightest Day.  But more on […]


The Punisher #2

5 Jun , 2016  


For anyone that was a fan of the Punisher from the second season of Daredevil on Netflix, this comic series is right up your alley and a great place for you to jump into the comic book world.

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Superman: Rebirth #1 – Jumping on point?

4 Jun , 2016  


“I know it’s confusing, but I am Superman, just not the one you know and care about.” – Superman

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Captain America #1: Everybody Just Breathe

1 Jun , 2016  

Captain_America_Steve_Rogers_1_Renaud_AOA_Variant Cropped

It might be considered absurd to suggest that a mere comic book could, in the course of a single issue, create so much as a hiccup in the public radar. Count on Captain America to do just that.

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Star Wars

Star Wars Issue #19

1 Jun , 2016  


The issue picks up right where #18 left off, with Han and Luke set to rescue Princess Leia on Sunspot Prison, where a mysterious figure has taken control of the base.

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Star Wars – Poe Dameron – Issue #2

30 May , 2016  


Star Wars: Poe Dameron – Issue 2 introduces us to a new character, Agent Terex. Will he become the next villain to be embraced by Star Wars fans throughout the galaxy? Only time will tell!


Hail HYDRA? Hail no!

26 May , 2016  

Captain America is HYDRA?

When Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 hit newsstands this week, Geeks around the world cried out in fury! No one, and I mean no one was happy with the stunning ending.